What is Self-Hosting and Why You Need It

What is Self-Hosting and Why You Need ItIf you are new to building an online business or starting a website, you may not know what exactly self-hosting mean.  However, choosing to go self-hosting is absolutely critical for your online success and profitability.  In this blog post, I will explain what is self-hosting and why you need it.

Below, I will explain what self-hosting is, why choosing the wrong hosting method can cause you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month, the critical difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com (which many people get confused about!), and finally how you can set up your own self-hosted website correctly and affordably in less than 15 minutes.

We are covering a lot! So let us dive right in!

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What Is Self-Hosting?

When you have a self-hosted website, it means that you are paying for a web hosting company such as SiteGround to “house” your website and display it on the internet.  You own your website and you can get your own domain name such as  “www.yourname.com” instead of  “www.yourname.wordpress.com”.

This means you own your website and have full control over it.  You have unlimited capability as to what you do with it and you can customize it the way you want it.  

Self-hosting is always recommended, especially if you intend to earn money from your website.  You cannot monetize your website unless it is self-hosted.

What is Non Self-Hosting?

Non self-hosting means you are using “free” hosting platforms such as WordPress.com, Wix, Tumblr, Blogger etc. 

If you are using “free” hosting platforms, you are limited in what you can do and you cannot monetize it.  So, if you intend to make money from your website, you should use self-hosting rather than these “free” hosting platforms.  

Why You Need Self-Hosting 

(1) Ownership 

(2) You Can Customize Your Website To Your Liking

This is the fun part!  You have your personality and your personal branding, so why have a cookie-cutter website that looks just like every body else’s?  

Self-hosted WordPress such as WordPress.org (NOT WordPress.com) allows you to choose from thousands of free and premium themes.  And there are unlimited plugins you can use to help customize the looks and functionality of your website too.  

Basically, you are only limited by your creativity on self-hosted websites! 

(3) You Look Way More Professional 

This is a big one.  

Having a website address like “yourbusiness.Freewebsite.com” (rather than “yourbusiness.com”) does not look professional at all.  Visitors to your website and potential customers would find it quite difficult to take your website and your business seriously when you don’t even have a proper website name. 

And often times when you ask these free hosting company for a customized website domain name, you usually have to pay a premium – something like US$19 – $25, which normally costs US$10 – US$15.   

(4) You Can Monetize It 

Money, money, money!  With self-hosting, you can turn your website into a real business and make profits from it.  This means you can earn an income from your website by running ads, working with brands for paid sponsorships, earning affiliate incomes and selling your own products and services.  This is something you cannot do if you are using free hosting platforms.

Therefore, as you can see, actually these ‘free’ hosting platforms are NOT free at all!  But rather, they are extremely expensive as they limit you in earning an income, keeping you from earning hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month.

So, I am sure by now you have a better understanding on what is self-hosting and why you need it.  Now, let us move onto another important point which many people get confused about.  And that is the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com.

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WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

Lots of people get this confused, but it is extremely important to know the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com. 

WordPress.com is a free hosting platform and WordPress.org is self-hosted.  They are both created by the same co-founder and hence, their similar names.  

WordPress.org is the one you want to use to self-host.  When you use WordPress.org you own your website fully and you have complete control.  More importantly, you are able to monetize your website as you wish.

WordPress.com is free to set up, but you won’t be able to use custom plugins and software and are limited in just about everything you need to be able to do to run and grow your website and your business successfully.  In order to access anything custom, you will have to use WordPress.com’s upgrades which are VERY expensive!

It is far better and much more affordable to use WordPress.org.  In fact, you can have WordPress.org self-hosted on many web hosting companies for a very affordable fee.  SiteGround is the web hosting company I use to host WordPress.org, its plans start at only US$3.95 per month.  I am using SiteGround for my website and I highly recommend it.

How To Self-Host Correctly and Affordably

It is super easy to set up your website and have it self-hosted correctly and affordably! 

Check out my blog post How To Start a WordPress Website on SiteGround where I show you step-by-step on how to set up your professional self-hosted website in less than 15 minutes!  Self-hosting on SiteGround starts at only US$3.95 per month and you will have full control of your website and can make money from your website as you wish.   

Also, I recommend you to sign up for my FREE course “How To Start a Purpose-Driven Online Business” where I teach you step-by-step on how to find your perfect business idea, select your business name, create your website, make your first income and attract loyal followers.  Join the course now! 

So I hope you find this blog post on What is Self-Hosting and Why You Need it helpful!  What is your biggest takeaway?  Please comment below!  Meanwhile, please LIKE and SHARE this blog post with your friends so they do NOT make the same mistakes many newbies make.  Sharing is caring! 

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