70 Time Saving Tips for Busy Working Moms

70 Time Saving Tips for Busy Working MomsWorking moms are super busy!  We are pouring our heart and soul into building a beautiful business while spending the time to take great care of our children.  It is definitely no easy task!  In this blog post, I have put together 70 Time Saving Tips for Busy Working Moms to help you save time.  

I cannot wait to share these with you and I hope these will help all the busy working moms out there to save more time.

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OK, with that being said, let’s dive right in!

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70 Time Saving Tips for Busy Working Moms

General Tips

(1) Eliminate, Eliminate, Eliminate – Do less!  Cut down on unnecessary tasks (and this includes all time wasters.)

(2) Plan – Plan the day before you start.

(3) Leverage – Leverage on time-saving tools and automation as much as possible (more specific examples below).

(4) Say No – Learn to say No to unimportant requests. 

(5) Ask for Help! – We are not superwoman! Don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it. 

(6) Schedule Me Time – Take care of yourself and give yourself sufficient rest time – a well-rested mind and body can give you higher efficiency and increase your happiness level too. 

Business Related Tips 

Managing Time

(7) Prioritize by Importance – Prioritize and schedule the most important tasks first.

(8) Have a To-Do-List – This is a must have! Always have your To-Do-List ready and tackle your tasks accordingly. 

(9) Use Scheduling Tools – Use tools such as Google Calendar to schedule your tasks/events or have a Planner to get your days/weeks organized.

(10) Do NOT Multi-Task – Multi-tasking can sound like a time saver but research has shown that it really isn’t.  Focus on one task, complete it and then move on.

(11) Compress Your Time – Don’t ever have an open amount of time to get a task done.  Always challenge yourself to get it completed in a certain time period.  Trying to beat the clock makes work more fun and set a timer/alarm for the time period! 

(12) Have Dedicated Office Hours – So that you can respect your work time AND your family time.

(13) Drop Unnecessary Meetings.

(14) Avoid Rush Hours if you need to commute for meetings.

(15) Effectively Utilize Productive Hours – Know your most productive hours (are you a morning person? Or are you a night owl?).  Schedule your work during your most productive hours.

Organizing Space 

(16) Have a Separate Work Area – If possible, have a designated room in your house as your work area.  If not, then at least have a designated desk/area.

(17) Create a filing system (file cabinets) for documents. 

(18) Use organizing systems – Use organizing systems such as pencil holder, organizers, folders to keep things tidy and easy to find. Check out my blog post 33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs for some useful and amazing ideas. 

Leveraging Technologies

(19) Order Office Supplies Online and have them delivered to your house to save your commute time.

(20) Restrict Emailing Time – Check your emails only twice a day and get everything done within that period.

(21) Cut Down on Social Media – Social Media can help your business, but it can also be a huge time waster. Cut down on your social media time as much as possible.

(22) Have Separate Work and Personal Emails.  

(23) Use Technologies for Meetings – Use platforms such as Zoom and Skype for your meetings and webinars.

(24) Automate Payments – Automate all regular business expenses with your credit cards or bank.

(25) Repurpose and Resuse Content in different format whenever possible.  For example, if you have created a post for your blog, why not redo the info from that blog into a YouTube video, create a checklist for Pinterest etc.

(26) Have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page on your website to answer the most commonly asked questions. 

(27) Unsubscribe from Email Lists if you no longer want to receive their content.

(28) Use a Centralize Social Media Management Platform such as Hootsuite for scheduling and managing your posts. 

(29) Learn keyboard shortcuts.

(30) Automate your business as much as possible with tools such as funnels, pre-recorded online courses, podcast etc.


(31) Hire a Virtual Assistant – a virtual assistant can help you with tasks such as emailing, bookkeeping, scheduling and researching and save you time. 

(32) Outsource Tasks that are not your strength – you can find freelancers easily on Fiverr and Upwork.

70 Time Saving Tips for Busy Working Moms

Kids-Related Tips

(33) Schedule Kids Time – Be present! That means when you are with your kids, put down your phone and laptop and try to give them 100% of your attention (Also, when you work, just focused and have designated workspace so you can be uninterrupted by your kids).

(34) Let your Kids Help Out – Could they help with some house chaos such as dusting, sweeping, cleaning? Help with with some filing, sorting and organizing? Babysit younger siblings? 

(35) Use Carpool – Get involved in a carpool for school.

(36) Get Kids involved in School Activities so they can have fun and learn new things and you can save time. 

(37) Get help! See if a family member, neighbour, or baby sitter can help with watching the kids from time to time or during crunch time. 

(38) Kids Swap – Take turns to organize play day with other mompreneurs.  That way, you and the other mompreneur will both have more work time and your kids will have a great day playing with other children too.

(39) Bathroom Multi-Tasking – Clean the bathroom while young children are taking a bath.  You will be in the room for safety AND getting housework done at the same time.

(40) Do Homework Near Kitchen – If you have space, get your kids to do their homework near your kitchen.  So that you can get on with preparing dinner and be close by to help if needed.

(41) Sort Laundry – Buy yourself some different colored laundry baskets. Label them “lights” and “darks” and teach your kids how to sort their laundry.  This will save you time on laundry day. 

(42) Fun Exercise as Family – Do fun exercise with your kids! That way you can squeeze in your exercise time and have some fun with your kids at the same time! 

Cooking Time Saving Tips

(43) Plans Your Meals for the whole week on a Sunday. 

(44) Pre-cook Meals – Save time and money by setting a few hours aside on a Sunday afternoon to create your work lunches for the following week and batch cook meals for the week.

(45) Use a Instant Pot Cooker such as this amazing one to make delicious meals and save time. 

(46) Use a Food Processor and Vegetable Chopper such as this amazing one for blending and cutting to save time.

(47) Invest in a Good Set of Knives such as this set to save time.

(48) Have Frequently Used Utensils by the Stove.

(49) Order Grocery Online and have it delivered to your house within 2 hours with Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market. Super convenient! 

(50) Order Meals Online and have them delivered to your house.

(51) Use Time-Saving Recipes for your cooking (check out this Quick & Easy Instant Pot Cookbook).

(52) Automatic Coffee – If you are a coffee drinker, program your coffee maker the night before so that you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in the morning without waiting.

(53) Batches Baby Food – Blend larger quantities of food and store in ice cube trays to be frozen and then defrosted when needed. Check out this video for ideas

70 Time Saving Tips for Busy Working Moms

Housework Time Saving Tips

(54) Lighten Your Daily House Cleaning or reduce the frequency of house cleaning. 

(55) Share Housework with your spouse/partner.

(56) Have a Regular Place for Things so you don‘t always spend time looking for them!

(57) Use Organizers such as containers and baskets to keep things tidy and easy to find. 

(58) Use a Vacuum Robot For Light Cleaning – I wouldn‘t recommend substituting a Roomba for all your floor-cleaning needs, but they can be helpful for picking up crumbs and dirt throughout the week.

(59) Outsource Your House Cleaning.

(60) Triple-up Garbage Bin Bags – Don‘t line your bin with just one bin bag.  Line up 3 or 4 so you don‘t have to keep going back to find them when you empty your bin. 

(61) Keep Cleaning Supplies Near the Areas where you use them.

(62) Get Rid of Stuff You Don‘t Use (donate them!) so your house is more tidy and you can spend less time looking for things. 

(63) Burst Cleaning – Set a timer for a 15-minute burst of cleaning as needed. 

(64) Eliminate/Save Ironing Time by using wrinkle-release spray It can also remove static and remove odor too! 

(65) Listen to Audio Books while Housecleaning – Check out Audible from Amazon!

(66) Autopay – Autopay regular household bills with credit cards and bank. 

Travel Time Saving Tips

(67) Compare Air Ticket Prices Quickly with Skyscanner.net.

(68) Air Tickets Price Alert – Already know where and when you will be traveling?  Set up a price alert on Skyscanner.net so that when the air tickets price goes down you will be automatically alerted by email, saving you time and money for your travels!

(69) Use a Travel Passport Wallet – Use a travel passport wallet to organize your passport and all your travel essentials in one place (travel itinerary, cash etc) so you are ready to go anytime. 

(70) Pre-Checkin Flights – If your airline offers online check-in, remember to do so before you go to the airport, saving you time on long queues.

I hope these 70 Time Saving Tips for Busy Working Moms are helpful!  If you have enjoyed it, please LIKE and SHARE it with your friends. Sharing is caring! 

With Hugs, 
Millie Leung

How To Start a Purpose-Driven Online Business

In this FREE course, I show you how to start an online business that not only fills your wallet but also your heart.  From finding the right business idea, to creating your website, all the way to earning your first income and attracting readers. Join now!

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