9 Effective Strategies To Stay Motivated as an Entrepreneur

9 Effective Strategies To Stay Motivated as an EntrepreneurEmbarking on the journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur is one that is filled with excitement and fulfilment.  It is also a self discovery journey filled with many ups and downs.  The question is: How to stay motivated through all the testing times? In this blog post, I share with you 9 effective strategies to stay motivated as an entrepreneur

If you are just starting out in your business, I am sure you know what I mean… Some days you are on a roll – inspiration and motivation constantly hits you, and you jump out of bed every morning looking forward to working on your new venture and building your dreams.

Some days, however, things aren’t as exciting, especially when you realize the amount of work and obstacles that are inevitably along the way, or you are finding it hard to set yourself tasks and goals without anyone around to support you.  Or perhaps, you might be struggling with finding the time to devote to building your business, balancing the multitude of entrepreneurial tasks with your personal life, or may be, the whole process is taking longer than you had originally anticipated.

Here is the truth – Anything worth building requires time, dedication and hard work.

As an entrepreneur, it’s sometimes easy to lose motivation – I have been there myself and I totally get it.  So, in today’s blog post, I have put together 9 effective strategies to help you stay motivated as an entrepreneur.

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9 Effective Strategies To Stay Motivated
as an Entrepreneur 

Strategy # 1: Set Inspiring & Purposeful Goals

I am a strong believer in goal setting – this is something I have been doing every year since I started my first business in Year 2011.  And I believe this is one of the key reasons why I have been able to achieve so many milestones and fulfil so many dreams in just a few short years.  If you haven’t been setting your goals, I strongly encourage you to do that.  

Setting clear, specific, purposeful goals with deadlines that inspire you every single day to take massive actions towards your dream life are really important.  I am talking about goals that literally fire you up and give you fuel to move forward every day.

Motivation alone is not enough.  But motivation with a purpose will light up any life. 

9 Effective Strategies To Stay Motivated as an Entrepreneur


Strategy # 2: Visualize The End Goal

This involves creating a mental image of what your business and your life could look like when you reach your goals.  Make it feel so real to you that you want to live it right now.  It is a simple technique but can be extremely powerful to help you stay motivated.

Find a quiet place where you will not be distracted.  Then closer your eyes and relax.  Release the tension from your shoulders.  Breath in and out, deeply and slowly.  Now, imagine your dream business or your dream life or the moment you achieve your milestone. 

What does it look like?  Where is it?  Who is there?  How do you feel?  Happy? Excited? Fulfilled? Explore your surroundings.  Take it all in.  Hold the vision for as long as possible.  Remember this feeling and remember this moment. Gently open your eyes. 

The power of visualization is not to be underestimated.  This technique is used by many successful individuals including famous sport stars like Michael Jordan.  Visualization works by priming our body to act in ways that are consistent with what we imagine.

You can use this visualization technique as often as you need to, especially when you feel like you need a little more motivation. 

Strategy # 3: Remember Why You Started

You started your business because you wanted to accomplish something. 

Whether that was having a flexible schedule, more time with your children, earn more income, serve your audience, or to make an impact in this World, you had a reason that was significant to you. 

Always bring it back to why you got started.  There is power in that reason.

What were the reasons you got started?  What are the reasons you must take actions?  Could it be that the life you are currently living is NOT good enough for the person inside of you?  Do you feel that you are meant for something bigger and more purposeful in life?  Perhaps you want to reach financial independence so you can spend more time with your children? Or may be, you want to show your family what is possible – that you can have the courage to fulfill your dreams no matter what life throws at you?  Or perhaps you want to become a role model for your children? 

Whatever those reasons were, constantly remind yourself.

Start With Why: The Most Important Question Of All


Strategy # 4: Fill Your Mind with Positivity Every Day

Give yourself at least 20 – 30 minutes of personal development each and every day.

Watch a positive YouTube video, listen to an inspiring TED talk or success story podcast, read pages of an uplifting book, surround yourself with people who positively impact you and have an empowering conversation.  Check out my list of 9 Best Personal Development Books of All Times.

People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bath. That's why we recommend it daily.


If you are running short of time, you can squeeze this in during your lunch break, during your commute, during your workout, or while your kids are sleeping.  Find a way to fill your mind with positivity each day no matter how busy your life gets. 

What you put in your mind matters.  Garbage in, garbage out.  Positivity in, positivity out.  I promise you when you start to nurture your mind with positivity daily, life will support you magically in return.

Strategy # 5: Create a Pleasant Work Environment

The physical environment around you matters.  Set yourself up for success!

Dedicate a tidy working space or desk for your business.  If you prefer to work at the coffee shop or on the beach (yes, you are allowed to do that too with your online business) – just make sure that you have a pleasant work environment that allows you to stay focused and get things done productively.

Prefer working with a certain music playing in the background?  Then, have that music ready when you work.  If having a freshly-squeezed juice or a coffee helps you stay focused, then by all means do that. 

Create a physical environment that helps you to strive forward in your business and your life.

9 Effective Strategies to stay motivated as an entrepreneur


Strategy # 6: Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind and Soul

Entrepreneurship takes hard work.  Creating something sustainable, meaningful and impactful takes time, heart, soul, sweats, and sometimes tears too.  Along the journey, it is easy to get burned out, especially if we are caught up in building your business days and nights.

So remember to take great care of yourself!  Set personal time during each day for yourself to wind down and relax – do what makes your spiritual self happy and fulfilled!  Take a walk, meditate, go for a spa, do some yoga, exercise, read a book, meet up with close friends who support you, or heck, eat that chocolate and drink a glass of wine as needed!

Eat balanced and healthy meats, drink lots of water, exercise regularly, and never underestimate the importance of a good night sleep.  Taking great care of yourself rejuvenates your body, mind and soul, and pays amazing dividends over the long-haul.

Strategy # 7: Set Rewards

Yup – set rewards (don’t we love that?!)

Rewards create excitement.  We are naturally wired to excitement, so be prepared to reward yourself for accomplishing a major goal, maintaining a good habit, or hitting a business milestone!

That Michelin star restaurant that you have always wanted to visit?  Great, set that up as your reward when you accomplish a certain goal.  Always wanted to go a nice vacation (Maldives, anyone?) Wonderful!  That could be your reward when you hit your next major business milestone!

Setting your rewards and celebrating when you do hit your milestones keep you motivated to continue to strive forward.

Strategy # 8: Practice Discipline & Make Habit Your Friend

Motivation is great.  Everyone needs to get motivated at times.  Everyone needs to fill their mind with positive knowledge and energy. 

But let’s face it.  You won’t always feel motivated.  Some days, it just simply won’t be there.  You can try everything I have mentioned above and you may still feel tired and lost.

Guess what… the most important thing is just to keep going. 

Maintaining discipline in times where motivation is lacking is the key to success.

Ask any World-class athletes, musicians, professionals, yes, they keep training even when they don’t feel like it.

Have a daily method of operation that is simply non-negotiable – something to help you build your business and moves towards your dreams no matter you feel like it or not.  Stick with it.  Do it so often that it becomes a habit to you. Check out this relating blog post Success Mindset: 8 Secrets of Building a Successful Business

Discipline always trumps motivation.

9 Effective Strategies to Stay motivated as an entrepreneur


Strategy # 9: Have an Accountability Partner

Last but not least, have an accountability partner or hire a business coach.  Some day we just need that extra kick in the butt!

Partner up with someone who understands and supports your journey, but at the same time, he/she is not afraid to push you forward when you most need it. 

There you have it ~ My 9 Effective Strategies to Stay Motivated as an Entrepreneur.  I hope this has added value to you.  Do you have other strategies you are using to keep you motivated?  If so, please comment below!

As with anything in life, you will get out of what you put into it.

Building a sustainable and purposeful business takes time, dedication and hard work.  Sometimes it can be easy to get stuck on the fine details of your business that you forget to step back and look at how far you have already gone. 

Take a moment to appreciate what you have done and look forward to what are still to come.  You are building your business, you are building your future, and you are making real impacts – Don’t ever forget that.

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