Start With Why: The Most Important Question Of All

Start With Why The Most Important Question of AllIn this blog post, I will share with you the one question all entrepreneurs must first figured out ~ Start With Why: The Most Important Question Of All.

Whenever I share my entrepreneurial story, the question I am most often asked is, “How? How did you become financially free in just 26 months?” 

I then say, “The most important question of all is not about the HOW.  It is about WHY I did it.”  And people are often surprised and puzzled. 

“Without the WHY, the HOW would have been impossible.” I go on to say. 

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“Life” Gets In The Way

I used to patiently spend hours and hours sharing my experience on how to get certain things done.

But, when I asked these same people what their progress were after a few months, I often found that they did not even get started. They were still the same as they were a few months ago. 

Common Excuses

They would tell me…

“I don’t have the time.”
“I don’t have the money.”
“Where should I even start? I am clueless.”
“I don’t think I can do it.”
“My spouse/partner/parents wouldn’t allow me to do this.”
“I am not smart enough.”
“I don’t have the resources.”

After many encounters, I then realized that it was not the HOW, but WHY you do something that is more important.

Your WHY Gives You the Power to Do the HOW

Here is the truth, your journey to building a successful business and/or reaching financial freedom would not always be an easy route. You will make mistakes, you will face obstacles, you will doubt yourself, you will have people who tell you that it is impossible, you will have people who tell you that you are crazy, you will have friends who will distant from you, and you may lose faith along the way. 

The journey will not always be sunshine and roses.  There will be many obstacles and setbacks.

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It is only when you know your WHY, you will have the strength and power to push through and carry on.  It is my firm believe that the reason why most people do NOT do what they should do is because they do NOT have a strong enough why.

When you discover your WHY, your HOW will show up

In fact, my Mentor once told me, “The bigger your WHY, the easier the HOW.” Let me explain this statement further with my story. 

Start With Why: The Most Important Question Of All

My Why

When I first started building my business and learning about personal finance and investments, my Mentor asked me that I MUST first figured out my WHY.

He said, “You must know your WHY, because without the WHY, the HOW doesn’t matter.”

In September 2011, as I still vividly remember, I wrote on a piece of paper…

“I want to be able to have time for my child.  Being stuck at a job working 60+ hours a week and missing my child growing up is not the way I want to live.”

At the time, my daughter was just about 1 year old and I wanted time with her.  It would be easy for me to find a high-paying job (I have a bachelor and a master degree and have worked in a senior position in an MNC for almost 8 years prior to becoming a stay-at-home-mom), but that would leave me with little time for my child.

That was my WHY.  My simple WHY for starting my business and pursuing financial education.

I knew that if I don’t do something differently, my life would end up just like most people – working 40, 50, 60 hours a week in a job (until 65 years old) with little time left for my family, missing the precious moments of my children growing up. 

Although this was a simple WHY, for me, it was a powerful WHY.

My pain for not seeing my child grow up was BIGGER than my fear to pursue my journey.  So I took a leap of faith and started my own business and my financial education journey.  Along the way, I also devoted a lot of time to personal development, reading and learning from successful people on how they did it. 

You can check out some of the amazing books that transformed my mind and my life here: The 12 Best Personal Finance Books of All Times and 9 Best Personal Development Books of All Times.

Start With Why: The Most Important Question Of All


Your WHY May Evolve – And Get Bigger

As my business progressed, my Mentor challenged me to expand my dreams, search within my soul and don’t let any limiting beliefs get in the way.

I gathered my courage and started thinking about what I would do differently in my life if time and money was no longer an issue. 

Then, my WHY became bigger and clearer:

I want to…

  • Have time for my children (in Year 2013 I gave birth to my second child)
  • Have the freedom to live anywhere in the World
  • Add value and impact lives around the World
  • Build schools and educate children in underprivileged countries
  • Live a joyful, purposeful and fulfilling life

Once I figured these out, my journey became easier.

It didn’t matter anymore that I didn’t have any prior business experience, didn’t have much money, didn’t have any network (we just recently moved to a new country) and didn’t have much time (it is always a bit crazy at home with young children), all the excuses I had given myself no longer mattered – my WHY was big enough for me to overcome my obstacles and setbacks.

And… step by step, I found my HOW.

There is a saying that goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” 

And from my own experience, this saying has proven to be true.  I am forever grateful for all the Mentors who have guided me along my journey.

Recommended Reading

Start With Why – Simon Sinek

I first learned about Simon Sinek from his famous TED talk, it is one of the most viewed TED videos of all times (viewed 6+ million times at the time of me writing this post).

In this enlightening book, Sinek outlines how great leaders communicate in order to inspire everyone to take actions – they start with their WHY.  From Martin Luther King, Jr. to Steve Jobs to the Wright Brothers, Start with Why shows that in order to inspire actions, you must first start with your WHY.  So if you want to inspire actions within yourself or those around you, do NOT miss this international bestselling book

Start With Why: The Most Important Question Of All


Digging in: Finding Your WHY

If you have read this far, then chances are that you are seeing where I am coming from.  Start with why, because it is the most important question of all.

What is YOUR WHY?

What are THE reason(s) that keep you going and get you excited about your life every single morning no matter what life  “throws” at you?

If you haven’t already figured out what your WHY is, find a quiet place with no distractions today – a setting that can allow you to get in touch with your inner self.

Ask yourself, “What is my true reason for wanting to start my business?” OR “What is my true reason for wanting to become financially free?”   

Take your time with this process.  Be honest and don‘t rush through it.

Your personal reason(s) WHY may come to you in an instant or you may find that you want to think about it over time.

On a piece of paper, write down everything that comes up.

Dig Deeper for the Real Reason(s)

Now, if you write down, “I want to make US$10,000/month in passive income” or “I want to become a millionaire” (or something along these lines).

Then, I would challenge you to dig deeper into WHY you want to make that US$10,000/month in passive income OR WHY you want to become a Millionaire.

Think about the reason(s) behind that – What would you do if you never had to work again?  If you had all the time in the World to spend exactly as you wanted – What would you do?  Who would you spend that time with?  How would your life be different if money was not a worry?

On a piece of paper, write down everything that comes to your mind.

Ask yourself again, “What is my deep-down core reason(s) for wanting to start my business?” or “What is my deep-down core reason(s) for wanting to become financially free?”

Dig deeper and again write down everything that comes up.

Then ask yourself again, “What is my innermost, heartfelt reason for wanting to start my business?” or “What is my innermost, heartfelt reason for wanting to become financially free?”

Write down everything that comes up.

As you continue with this process of digging deeper and asking yourself questions, you will find that your reason(s) will become clearer and clearer to you.

Repeat this process until you finally reach the answer that makes you want to cry.

When you do, congratulations! You have found your WHY!

What Is Next?

If you don’t find your WHY right away, don’t worry.  Take a break and come back to this process in a few days or when you are ready.  

Your WHY may evolve over time and they may become bigger (just as mine did).  So, repeat this process as you continue with your journey of Entrepreneurship and Financial Education.  Refine your WHY as you need to.

With finding your WHY, you will find new power to fuel you on your way to starting and building your business, and pursuing your journey of financial education.  Dig into this inner power, then you can eliminate all your excuses and become unstoppable.  I am so excited for you and I can’t wait to hear how your life transforms! 

So there you have it ~ Start With WhyThe Most Important Question of All.  I hope this blog post has added value to you.  So what are your WHY?  Leave me a comment below, I am excited to find out!  If you have enjoyed this blog, please LIKE and SHARE it to your friends.  Sharing is caring! 

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