How To Find Your Perfect Blog Niche? (And Why Narrowing Your Niche Is So Important)

How To Find Your Perfect NicheThis is a common problem the majority of new blog owners make when they are first starting out.  New bloggers tend to blog about everything without setting a defined niche for themselves.  So, in this blog post, I will give you my insights on how to find your perfect blog niche and why narrowing your niche is so important.

Now, may be you are a lifestyle blogger and you just want to talk about anything that happens in your life… whether that is fashion, travel, healthy eating, exercise etc.  Yes, of course you can do that (you are an adult!), BUT chances are that you will have a hard time building up a loyal following for your blog unless you are a celebrity where people want to know your every move.

Even if you want to blog about your life in general, I know for sure that there are some particular areas that you feel more passionate and more knowledgeable in.  Finding your perfect blog niche can do wonders for your overall online success.

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My Experience

Not too long ago, I didn’t have a clear niche for my own blog.  Sometimes I blogged about travel, then I blogged a bit about saving money, then I blogged a little about starting a business.  To be honest, it didn’t feel right because when my friends asked me, “What is your blog about?” I simply couldn’t give them a straight answer in one sentence. 

A few months ago, I started sharing more and more about how to start a blog.  And the more I write about these topics, the more I feel my passion and excitement!  I realized that my passion is in empowering and helping other women share their message to the World through purposeful, successful and profitable blogs.  

And guess what, by narrowing my niche, I now know who my exact audience is and what contents would relate and help them the most.  Moreover, narrowing my niche also helped me to come up with blog post and content ideas so much more easily and effectively!

Why Narrowing Your Blog Niche Is So Important

Everyone is not your customer.

If you try to serve everyone in your business, you will serve no one well.

Let that sink in for a moment.  No business owner wants to admit that there are people who don’t want to buy their products or services.  But yet, this is the truth.  There is no product or service in the World that can serve everyone 100%. 

Too often, when we ask new business owners or bloggers who their target audience is, they will tell us with great enthusiasm, “Our customer is everyone!”

But, really? How is it possible that you are selling the same product to a baby, an university student, a health-conscious working man, a pregnant mompreneur and an elderly person?  

At its core, your blog and your business is about helping people solve their problems.  And the problems will inevitably be different for different groups in our society.  

In order for you to truly serve your target audience well, you will HAVE to narrow your niche.  Understand your target audience from a deep level ~ their needs, their dreams, their desires and their fears.  The more intimately you know your target audience the better.  Serve them from a place of love and compassion.  By narrowing your blog niche, you can speak the language of your target audience and provide them with exactly what they are looking for.  And that, my dear friends, is the formula of building an uber successful long-term business.

OK, now that we are clear on why narrowing our blog niche is so important, I would love to share some of my insights in finding the perfect niche for your blog.  I hope this post will help you get focused and inspire you to become an expert in your niche.  OK, let us dive right in! 

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How To Find Your Perfect Niche?

How To Find Your Perfect Blog Niche (& Your Blog Purpose)?

The Perfect Blog Niche Formula

In this session, let us find your perfect blog niche (yay!). 

I want to introduce you to what I called “The Perfect Blog Niche Formula”.  By following this formula, not only you will find your perfect blog niche, but you will also find your Blog Purpose.  

Your Blog Purpose is the answer to WHY your blog should exist and the unique message and gifts you are bringing to the World through your blog.    

Your Blog Purpose is what keeps you going with your blog even when your passion is running low, your profit is fluctuating, and your algorithms are constantly shifting. 

“The Perfect Blog Niche Formula”:

Passion + Profession + People = Purpose 

Passion is what makes your heart soars. 
Profession is what you can teach others. 
People is what your people need. 

In the following session, we will dive into each element.  

Passion: What Makes Your Heart Soar?

The first element in finding your perfect blog niche is to look into your passions.

But, Wait… There Are Profitable Blogs That Don’t Relate to Passions

In the blogging world, some people will argue that a profitable blog doesn’t have to be about your passions.  And yes, that is partly true. You can definitely blog about just any trending topic you can think of and make money off that.  

If you are a businessman, this is likely what you would do: Create a blog about, say, keto diet just because it’s a hot topic these days, even when you don’t practice keto yourself.  You research the heck out of the topic, hire ghostwriters to create keyword-rich content about everything keto and fill up half of your blog’s pages with ads. Done.

BUT… if you’re a purposeful creative, you know that there’s more to creating content than just making money.  You care about your message, the difference you are making and your higher calling.  

So, This is What I am Going to Tell you…

Your blog niche has to be something that you’re truly, deeply passionate about.  It’s something that makes your heart soar and something that you could talk about forever without getting bored of.

Think about your creative interests, your hobbies and your guilty pleasures.  Travel?  Music?  Beauty?  Fashion?  Home decor?  Crafting?  Pay attention to what books or magazines you like to read, what podcasts you like to listen to, what YouTube videos you like to watch, what you love to do during your spare time and what you love telling others about. 

If you find the niche you seriously love, you will never run out of motivation or things to write about in your blogs.  Starting a blog on a niche you are genuinely passionate about will make it fun instead of just feeling like a chore.  It is the difference between you jumping out of bed everyday eager to work on your blog or you drag your feet every single time.  

If you blog about something you don’t believe in – your readers will know, so stop lying to them AND yourself.

Action Step

So now, take out your notebook and list 10 topics you are genuinely passionate about.  Done?  Great!  Now, look at them again and ask yourself which ones you honestly would be interested to blog about for at least the next 12 months.  Now, cross out 8 of these topics, leaving only 2 that are the most important to you.  Awesome!  You are doing great.  Let’s move on.  

Profession: What Can You Teach Others? 

Another key element you want to look to is your profession.  This is something you have expertise, knowledge and experience in and are able to teach others or share with the World. 

What are you naturally good at?  What are your unique gifts or God-given talents?  Think of all the things your friends always come to ask you about.  Or what are your educational or professional experiences?  Or perhaps there is something that you love and have spent your spare time learning.  Is there anything you would love to teach others or share with the World?  

Action Step

So now, take out your notebook again and list 10 topics from the above questions.  Done?  Great!  Same as before, look at them again and cross out at least 8, leaving 2 that you most want to teach others or share.  Awesome!  You are doing great!

People: What Do Your People Need?  

Next, we are going to take a look at the people you want to serve and the problems you want to help them solve.  In other words, WHO is your target audience?  And WHAT do they need?  

Perhaps you are passionate about environmental issues and you want to inspire and educate millennials on how to live a more organic, environmentally friendly and minimalist lifestyle. 

Or may be you have gone through a painful divorce and you want to support and offer resources to other women who are going through the same trauma.  Perhaps you are a stay-at-home-mom and have figured out certain homemaking and parenting hacks and you want to share that with other moms. 

Think about who you want to serve and what problems you want to help solve in this World.

Action Step

So now, take out your notebook again and list 10 topics you have in mind – thinking of the people you want to serve and problems you want to help solve in this World.  Done?  Great!  Same as before, look at them again and cross out 8, leaving only 2 that you feel are the most important to you.  Awesome!  You are doing great.

Putting It All Together 

Now, let’s put the above all together.  By now, you should have a maximum of 6 topics ~ 2 from your Passion, 2 from your Profession and 2 from your People category.  

Look at these 6 topics closely again.  Do you notice any overlaps or similarities among them?  If so, that is perfect!  Because that 1 niche is exactly where your Passion, Profession and People you want to service overlap and that would be your perfect niche!  Congratulations!  You have found your perfect niche and your Blog Purpose!

However, if your topics do not overlap, don’t worry!  We can still select one that works best for you.  So, here is what you need to do:  Look at these 6 topics again and select the final 1 that you feel most connected with and most passionate about.  Listen to your heart.  Feel your excitement.  Yes, that is the one.  Congratulations!  You’ve found your blog niche and your Blog Purpose! 

What If I Can’t Select Just 1 Niche?

If you have a hard time selecting just 1 (hello my multi-passionate creative friends!), this is the best advice I can give you: Listen to your heart and just pick 1 that you feel most passionate and excited about right now.  There is really no wrong answer.  Start with this one niche and move onto the next step.  As your blog expands and you gain more experience in blogging, you can always start additional blogs/websites on those other topics you are passionate about. 

Now, Let’s Talk Money

Before we move onto throwing a celebration party and do your happy dance (I know right?!), there is one more thing we need to do.  And this step is actually rather important if you want to make money from your blog.

First, let me address a common question from many big-hearted purposeful creatives: Is it wrong to monetize my blog?  

Is It Wrong To Monetize My Blog? 

Let’s face it.  Growing a blog is hard.  You have to be willing to do the work.  And success (however you define it) doesn’t come overnight.  It involves commitment, determination and months or even years of pouring your heart out in your blog. 

Of course, whether you want to monetize it is completely up to you (because you are an adult).  But, I will say this: Monetizing your blog allows you to break free from your day job or other income-making commitments, so that you can do more of what you believe in – to be a catalyst of change, to share your message with the World, and to be a channel of blessing to others.  

And if the above resonates with you, I want you to learn to become unapologetic about making money from your blog.  Yes, you deserve the money! 

After all, money is an exchange of value.  People only pay you if you can deliver something of value to them.  So, the more people you can serve in this World, the more money you will make. 

So from this moment onwards, I give you my permission: pour your heart out passionately, serve your people purposefully, and make soulful abundant money off your blog! (yay!)

The Last Step of Finding Your Perfect Niche: Profit 

Great!  Now that we are clear on why every big-hearted purposeful creatives SHOULD monetize our websites unapologetically, we need to determine exactly how we are going to bring in profits for our blogs. 

Determine Your Profit Model

To do this, think about your chosen blog niche (from above) and brainstorm at least 10 products or services you can use to monetize your blog. 

Think of affiliate products in the market place that you have used and love.  And think of products or services you can create now and down the road.  You don’t need to have all the answers right now, but you should at least have the direction you are going.  Check out my blog post for additional ideas, 7 Ways To Make Money From Your Website

So now, take out your notebook again and list the 10 products or services you can monetize from your blog.  Great!  You are doing super awesome! 

Putting Ideas Into Actions 

Now it’s the time to establish yourself as an expert in your chosen blog niche!  Follow this step-by-step tutorial to get your blog set up if you haven’t already done so.  Start blogging and sharing your message with the World! 

Not only you should focus on blogging about your selected topic, but you also must be sure that your blog niche is apparent in your overall online presence.  When it comes to building a successful online brand – you should really stick to your chosen niche all over the place.

Trust me, once you start your blog and start creating content, you will find your voice.  Don’t worry about making a mistake, because you can always make changes later.  

The most important thing is to get started.  Sitting around thinking will NOT get you anywhere.  You will get more traction with action.

Of course, don’t forget to have fun!  You’re your own boss, embrace that!

I have put together a resource to help you further.  Join my FREE email course “How To Start a Purpose-Driven Online Business”.  In this free course, I walk you through step by step on how to start your purpose-driven online business: from getting clarity on your business idea, selecting your business name, creating your website, making your first income and attracting loyal followers.  Join below now

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So there you have it!  My insights on how to find your perfect blog niche and why narrowing your niche is so important.  Have you selected your blog niche?  What is it?  And what are some of your ideas to monetize it?  Leave me a comment below!  I would LOVE to hear them.

Meanwhile, if you have enjoyed this post, be sure to use the social media icons below to share with your friends!  I would really appreciate that, plus, sharing is caring! 

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