Giving Back

Millie Leung Giving Back


Your hope, your dreams, your future.


When you invest in your future through our products, you are also creating meaningful changes in the World.  Because with every product you purchase, you support a woman entrepreneur or a child in need.

Along with our Non-Profit Partners, we are providing life-changing resources for woman entrepreneurs and fundamental human needs, schools, and educational programs for children living in poverty and developing countries.  So when you purchase our products to change your life, you really are changing the World.

Together, here is how we are changing lives…

Loans That Change Lives

Millie Leung Giving Back


Kiva is extraordinary.  With as little as US$25, you can make a life-changing loan to help other entrepreneurs create a better life for themselves and their families.

We are proud to be a partner with Kiva, focusing on supporting Women Entrepreneurs in developing countries.  Since Year 2017, we have supported 39 women entrepreneurs in 10 developing countries, providing them with financial resources to establish and expand their businesses.  Click HERE to learn more about Kiva and how it is changing the lives of entrepreneurs all over the World.

Building Schools

Millie Leung Giving Back


All children are born ready to learn, but for hundreds of thousands of children living in developing countries, they lack the chance to go to school for education.

Since Year 2015, we have donated 3 Schools in Guatemala and Indonesia through our non-profit partner Worldventures Foundation.  Click HERE to learn more about the WorldVentures Foundation and how it is helping to build schools for children in need around the World.

Supporting Orphanages

Millie Leung Giving Back
In many parts of Asia, children have lost their parents because of wars, illness, financial situations and became orphans.  They live in poverty, lacking basic needs such as shelter, clothing, food, water, medical care and a chance to get a basic education. We are proud to support orphanages in Cambodia and other developing countries through our non-profit partner Happy Tree Social Services.  To date, we have donated HK$75,000 to Happy Tree through our Charity Book Launch.  Click HERE to learn more about Happy Tree Social Services and how it is changing the lives of children all around Asia. Thank you for your support!  Together, we can change our lives and make a difference.

With lots of love,

Millie Leung
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