33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women EntrepreneursLooking for a special gift for a woman entrepreneur in your life?  In this blog post, I share with you 33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs.

I’m going to let you in on a secret. Ready?  Women entrepreneurs are busy!  I mean, REALLY!

We are on a mission to use our talents and our gifts to create something that can impact the World (see My Story and my Giving Back initiatives here).   Often, we don’t have the time to get to the store or to do leisure window shopping.  So, if you are wanting to get the Woman Entrepreneur in your life a special gift to show your appreciation, here are some amazing ideas. Alright, let’s dive right in ~ 33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at NO additional cost to you.  These are products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.  Please read my Disclosure for more info.  

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33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

Work From Home Essentials

33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

(1) Boss Lady Coffee Mug

I’m in love with this mug! A beautifully-designed Boss Lady White and Gold Coffee Mug, with a real gold embellished handle.  Super elegant!  Both sides are hand-lettered with love by Designer Melissa (yes, we support other women entrepreneurs!).  This beautiful mug is microwave safe, and it will surely keep her hydrated and motivated all day long.

33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

(2) Motivational Wall Art

Every woman entrepreneur needs motivation!  This beautifully-designed 8 inches x 10 inches Wall Art is the perfect gift for her at her home office!  I love this quote, ‘She Believed She Could So She Did’! Made with gorgeous luxe gold foil and premium pure white matte card stock.

33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

(3) Relaxation Spa Candle

Being an entrepreneur can be stressful, this beautiful spa candle helps to take the stress away.  Soft nature and instrumental music begins to play as you sink into your chair, relaxation comes over you. You leave life and stress behind. This is your time. Notes of sea salt, jasmine, and wood surround you. This is spa day!

33 Amazing gift ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

(4) Alexa Voice-Controlled Smart Speaker 

A top seller on Amazon.com with 335,000+ positive reviews! This compact smart speaker has great and rich sound quality.  With voice control function ~ you can ask Alexa to play music, answer questions, read the news, check the weather, set alarms, control compatible smart home devices and much more.

33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

(5) Pink Marble Pattern Pencil Cup

An elegant pink marble pattern pencil cup to help her get her home office (or her makeup brushes) organized. 

33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

(6) Super Soft and Huggable Throw 

Totally love this! A super soft and cozy throw, perfect for keeping her warm and comfortable during the winter days.  Machine washable and easy to take care.  It also looks classy and amazing at her home office too. 3 amazing colors available. Absolutely 5 Star! 

33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

(7) Adjustable Mobile Phone Stand

A practical gift for a busy woman entrepreneur.  Adjustable aluminum desktop phone holder that is compatible for all Smartphones.  With hole opening made for charging cable so she can keep her desk neat and tidy.  Sleek elegant design and it is anti-scratch and anti-slippery.  I love this rose gold color, you can also choose from Silver or Black.

33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

(8) Lady Boss File Folder Set

These pink and grey-shaded inspirational folders feature invigorating quotes written in a shiny, embellished gold foil script.  Messages include “make things happen,” “work for it,” and “hustle,” ensuring these folders will keep her both motivated and organized! One set with 9 folders. Elegant and practical – love them!

33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

(9) White Board Set 

Slimline, light weight and scratch-resistant white board set, including a pen, a pen tray, 3 magnets and an eraser.  Perfect for her to brainstrom her new projects and to keep important information handy.  Lifetime replacement guarantee included too, so it is great value for money! 

33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

(10) Great Ideas Notebook 

This beautifully-designed notebook is a perfect tool for her to jog down all her inspirations, ideas and notes! 



33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

(11) Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet Gift Set 

This beautiful gift set comes with an elegantly crafted leather bracelet with a metal Tree-of-Life design charm, 4 bottles of 10 mL essential oils (tea tree, lemongrass, orange and peppermint) and 8 felt cotton pads.  Helps her to relieve her stress (and look elegant) as she goes about her day. 

33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

(12) Fast-Charging Power Bank

This powerful fast-charging power bank is a great companion for any women entrepreneurs on the go! With 20,000mAh and able to charge iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG, HTC and more.  Lightning cable and micro USB cable already included in the set. Must have!


(13) VANKYO Burger 101 Wireless Portable Mini Projector 

This pocket size mini projector is light-weight and easy to carry around, and yet picture quality is awesome!  It is compatible with iPhone, Android and laptop, perfect for her client presentations (and home entertainment too!). 

33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

(14) Elegant Laptop Case 

One of the bestsellers on Amazon.com with more than 2,900+ positive reviews.  With internal upgraded shock resistant bubble foam padding layer, protecting her laptop from drops and scratches.  Slim and lightweight design, perfect for her to carry her laptop to mobile workstation or meeting with clients. And heck, it looks elegant too! 

33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

(15) Apple AirPods with Charging Case 

These AirPods are amazing! One of the bestsellers on Amazon.com, with more than 45,000+ positive reviews!  They automatically play audio as soon as you put them on, and pause when you take them out.  Deliver rich, high quality audio and voice, and easy to setup with all your Apple devices.  She will absolutely LOVE this!

33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

(16) Inspirational Pen Set 

She is always on the go and these elegantly-designed inspirational pens are the perfect companion to give her motivation all day! 

33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

(17) Business Card Holder 

This elegant business card holder is made of high quality PU leather and stainless steel.  Lightweight, high quality, stylish and sturdy.  A practical and perfect gift for her to carry her business cards to all client meetings and networking events.  

33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

(18) Starbucks Gift Card 

If she loves coffee, chances are that Starbucks is like a second home to her, a place where she meets her clients, works on her laptop, socialize with her friends, or a place where she picks up her favorite coffee.  So giving her a Starbucks gift card is definitely practical and something she would absolutely love!

EveryDay Living 

33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

(19) You Got This Stainless Steel Water Bottle

I love this!  “You got this” motivation Stainless Stain reusable water bottle, perfect for any busy, active and environmentally-conscious women entrepreneurs!  It fits right into any car cupholder, and is a perfect companion to keep her hydrated and motivated all day anywhere she goes.  Must have!

33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

(20) Magic Bullet Blender 

This is absolutely the perfect gift for any busy women entrepreneurs!  Easy to use, just load your ingredients into the cup, twist on the blade, place on the power base and go!  Perfect to make her healthy smoothies! The Magic Bullet chops, mixes, blends, whips, grinds in minutes, and you can take your treats on the go with the convenient Flip Top To-Go Lid.  #1 Best Seller!

(21) Instant Pot Cooker 

This pressure pot cooker is a perfect gift for any busy women entrepreneurs! Cooks up to 70% faster than normal pots.  It also has 14 one-touch smart programs, making cooking any food on autopilot (super easy even if she does not know how to cook!).  With safety features like overheat protection and safety lock.  It is also easy to clean, no wonder it is a #1 best seller! MUST HAVE!

33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

(22) Instant Pot CookBook

This amazing cookbook has 500 easy and healthy everyday instant pot recipes for beginners and advanced users.  Perfect for any busy women entrepreneurs and moms! 

(23) Reusable Stainless Steel Drinking Straws 

Use less plastic straws ~ do our part to protect the environment! These reusable stainless steel drinking straws are BPA free, plastic free, FDA approved, dishwasher safe, and they look pretty too! Come with a case, so she can take them out on the go easily! 

33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

(24) Amazon Gift Card 

Not sure what to give her?  Then an Amazon gift card is absolutely the easiest and most practical gift! With more than 600 million products on this online giant, she will definitely find something she likes.  

33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

(25) Amazon Prime  

I don’t know of anyone who wouldn’t love Amazon Prime!  With Amazon Prime, she gets fast, free delivery on anything ordered on Amazon.com, she can stream millions of songs, and also get free Kindle eBooks. This is really an amazing gift!


Education and Learning

(26) Book: You are a Badass by Jen Sincero 

This is a self-help book perfect for any women entrepreneurs.  Ridiculously funny and candid, this book helps to identify any self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors that stop you from getting what you want and creating a life you totally love.  

(27) Kindle Reader

If she is a book lover, a Kindle Reader may be the perfect gift for her.  Kindle PaperWhite is thin and light-weight with a sleek, modern design.  It is waterproof, and can hold thousands of books. A single battery charge can last for weeks, making it also the perfect companion for traveling.  I love it!

(28) Kindle Unlimited Membership

If she loves reading Kindle digital books, then the Kindle Unlimited Membership is a perfect gift for her.  With over 1 million book titles to choose from, popular magazines, unlimited audiobooks, this membership is really an amazing gift she would love! 

33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

(29) Subscription to Entrepreneur Magazine 

The magazine is full of inspiring stories and practical tips that will get her up off her couch and working on her ideas.  A great inspiring tool to have for any entrepreneurs – Delivered right at your door or view on your Kindle! 

For Her Travel Needs

33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

(30) Travel Passport Wallet 

This multi-purpose travel passport wallet has various pockets and compartments to help her keep all her travel wallet essentials tidy and organized.  With inside RFID blocking shield material to safeguard important private data.  Made with high-quality eco-friendly PU leather.  Perfect gift for her traveling needs!

(31) Bose QuietComfort Noise-Cancelling Headphone 

Clear away the distractions of the World, and focus on what matters most.  Go deeper into your music, work, and passions – with no noise in the way, even for noisy environment like the airplane.  Love it!

(32) Bagsmart Water-Resistant Travel Toiletry Bag  

I travel a lot, and I found that a durable water-resistant toiletry bag that helps me keep all my travel accessories organized and handy is essential.  This amazing bag has 4 compartments, with zips and open pockets, and a metal hook for you to hang the bag if you choose to.  Grab it and ready to go ~ super convenient! 

33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

(33) Lightweight Selfie Stick & Tripod 2-in-1 

When she travels, she wants to capture those amazing moments.  This lightweight, professional selfie stick and tripod is the perfect 2-in-1 gift! Bluetooth remote for Apple and Android devices, and can extend to 51 inches.  With over 6,000+ positive reviews on Amazon.com. She is definitely going to love this! 


So there you have it!  33 Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs!  I had so much fun putting together this list for you (and I LOVE all of these items!), and I hope you are able to select something that she will love! Beside what are on this list, do you have other amazing gift ideas for Women Entrepreneurs?  If so, please comment below! I would love to hear them! If you have enjoyed this post, please LIKE and SHARE this with your friends too.  Sharing is caring! 

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